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Hello, my name is Officer Tyler Sherlock with the Alliance Police Department. I am the department's liaison for the V.I.P.S. program. I am excited to work with each of you in this program. Volunteers are an important part of any organization, and are proven to be a valuable asset to law enforcement agencies. Volunteering in law enforcement benefits the agency, the volunteer, and the community.

Volunteers In Police Service is a community outreach program for the Alliance Police Department based on a very successful National model. We are actively seeking members of the community who have the time and talents to contribute to the overall success of both the department and the community. 

Volunteers will supplement our current personnel, working hand-in-hand with officers and support staff, on a daily basis. 

There are many different areas and opportunities for volunteers to lend a helping hand. By becoming a VIPS, you too can help reduce crime and create a better quality of life for our friends, families, and citizens. Now more than ever, municipal and state governments across the county are faced with the problem of having to do more with fewer resources. You can be the solution to that problem! 

This interaction with Police personnel will also further our initiative of greater community involvement and will promote a higher degree of transparency for the agency. 

To learn more, or to get involved; contact Officer Tyler Sherlock by phone at (308) 762-4955 or by email at tsherlock@bbcpublicsafety.us.

Application forms can be downloaded here. Interested applicants are asked to print and complete the application, and bring it in person to the Alliance Police Department at 512 Niobrara Ave. 

If you would like to visit the National VIPS website, you can click here


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Commonly asked Questions:

What is the Volunteers in Police Service Program?

The Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) Program is a program for citizens in the community who wish to volunteer their time and skills within a law enforcement agency. 

What are the benefits from volunteering?

  • Help the Alliance Police Department reduce crime and enhance community safety
  • Gain personal satisfaction and sense of pride that comes from doing something worthwhile for your community
  • Meet new people, make new friends and get to know your local community
  • Use your existing knowledge to help others and gain valuable new skills
  • Gain valuable work experience and improve your employment prospects

What types of volunteer opportunities are available at the Alliance Police Department?

There are many opportunities available for the community to become involved with our department. The following are a current list of ways you can help: 

  • Record-Clerical
  • Investigations-Clerical 
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Community Outreach/Recruiting
  • Traffic Control/Special Events
  • Citizen Patrol/Crime Watch 
  • Crisis Support 
  • Addiction Guidance
  • And more!

What are the requirements?

Any person over the age of 18 who does not have a criminal history is eligible. Simply fill out the VIPS Application Form, turn it into the front counter of the Alliance Police Department. Applications will also be available there for those who do not have a printer available. 

Let us know! What area of volunteering interests you? Do you have any specialized skills, areas of expertise, or experience to bring to our program as a volunteer? What is your availability for volunteering? Contact Officer Tyler Sherlock through email or by phone at (308) 762-4955.