Tornadoes are the most severe natural event impacting the City of Alliance and Box Butte County.

The City of Alliance Police Department is a warning point in the National Warning System (NAWAS). Warnings will be received via the NAWAS distribution system to include the National Weather Service's severe weather warnings.

Tornado Watch

When the weather conditions that produce tornadoes are recognized, the National Weather Service will issue a tornado watch. If the watch area includes Box Butte County, or any portion of the county, that information will be transmitted to the public by both radio and television. During a tornado watch condition, people can continue their normal activities.

Tornado Warning

If a tornado is indicated by radar or actually sighted, then a tornado warning will be issued. The warning will include:

  • The location where the tornado has been sighted
  • The tornado's estimated speed and the general direction of movement
  • A time span during which the tornado poses an actual threat

When a tornado warning is issued, people in the threatened area should immediately seek shelter and remain there until the warning period has expired and no further warnings have been issued. A warning period could be extended because:

  • The existing tornado may persist for a longer period than originally estimated
  • There may be additional sightings
  • There are no known public buildings identified as public tornado shelters in the City of Alliance

Siren Information

The City of Alliance has seven warning sirens placed in various locations in the City to warn the public of a tornado or other severe weather. These sirens are tested normally every third Wednesday at noon. The Alliance Fire Chief is responsible for installation and maintenance of the City of Alliance outdoor warning system.

The Box Butte County Communications Center (Alliance Police Department) will provide the warning to the public by activating the sirens either simultaneously or individually.

Tornado Siren

Siren Locations

Siren locations include:

  • 1204 W. 4th Street (Softball Fields)
  • 18th and Emerson (Laing Lake Area)
  • 2621 Emerson Avenue (Lakefield Addition)
  • Haynes Drive and Errebo Place (BSNF/Grand Lake-South)
  • 605 Homestead Avenue (Homestead Addition)
  • 1401 E. 2nd Street (Titusville Addition)
  • 808 Yellowstone (Central Park Area)