Disconnect Policy

Welcome LogoCity of Alliance Disconnect Policy

It is the intent of the City of Alliance Utility Customer Service Office to collect all customer billings in a timely manner. The following details the disconnect policy of the City of Alliance:

  1. An Advance Disconnect Notice will be mailed to the customer after an account becomes delinquent, in accordance with all applicable State of Nebraska Statutes.
  2. If payment is not received by 4:00 P.M. on the “payment due date” noted on the Advance Disconnect Notice, the customer’s service may be disconnected the following business day. The Utility Office does not currently disconnect any accounts with a balance less than the amount of the current reconnect fee.
  3. If the customer has an inquiry or complaint regarding their bill or would like to request a conference, the customer may call the City of Alliance Utility Office at (308) 762-5075 or write the City of Alliance, Utility Office, PO Box D, Alliance, NE 69301-0770.
  4. A customer may request and arrange for a conference prior to the disconnect date and service will not be disconnected pending the conference. The customer may contact the Utility Customer Service Office to make arrangements for a contract (installment plan).
  5. If prior to disconnect and within five business days of receipt of the Advance Disconnect Notice, the customer presents a certificate of a duly licensed physician (MD), physician’s assistant (PA) or advance practice registered nurse (APRN) certifying that a resident within the household has an existing illness or handicap which causes an immediate and serious health hazard if utility service is disconnected, disconnection will be deferred for a period of thirty days. Only one postponement of disconnect is allowed for each incidence of nonpayment.
  6. Welfare and other recipients of utility assistance may qualify for full or partial payment of their utility bill and should contact their caseworker in regard to current programs available. Utilities will not be disconnected when a payment guaranty is received by the Utility Office.