Curb Strip (Parkade) Planting Guidelines

Curb Strip (Parkade) Planting Guidelines

The area of right of way located from the back of the curb to the sidewalk is commonly known as the curb strip (parkade).

View a list of acceptable trees (PDF)that are recommended for western Nebraska by the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum for curb strip (parkade) areas. The trees included on the list are deciduous trees and have a mature size at or above 30 feet. The large tree requirement ensures that branches can be trimmed to meet street and sidewalk clearance standards at full size. It does not include smaller ornamental trees and evergreen trees which cause clearance and line of site issues when planted close to the street.

Trees must be trimmed 8 feet above sidewalks and 13 1/2 feet above streets, lanes and alleys.

Ornamental annual and perennial plants and grasses whose height at maturity does not exceed 36 inches may also be planted in the curb strip (parkade).

Please contact the Cultural and Leisure Services Director for authorization regarding your choice of vegetation prior to planting.