Rules & Regulations

  • All grading, general landscape work, improvements, all openings and closings of graves, and all interments, disinterments and removals shall be made under the direction of the Cultural and Leisure Services Director.
  • No person may plant any flowers, shrubs, trees or other plants in any burial space in the cemetery. Such items may be allowed to be placed elsewhere in the cemetery with the location to be approved by the Parks Supervisor. Plantings made without the city's permission may be removed without notice.
  • Floral arrangements and designs, flowers, shrubs, trees, weeds or any herbage or any plastic or other representations of any of these may be removed by the Parks Supervisor or his/her employees whenever they are judged unsightly, dangerous, detrimental, diseased or distracting from the general decoration of the cemetery. The city assumes no responsibility for any property of others placed in the cemetery. The city shall water at a rate calculated to maintain the turf grass unless watering restrictions or break downs occur.
  • Glass containers of any kind may not be placed anywhere in the cemetery.
  • All marker and monument locations are to be laid out by cemetery staff with the monument company furnishing the material necessary. Completed work must be approved by the Parks Supervisor or her/his designee. If placement is not approved, removal or replacement at the expense of the company doing the work may be required.
  • Monuments or other markers placed in sections of the cemetery subdivided for cremain burials must be set flush with the ground and may not exceed 2' x 1' in size. No other permanent objects or plantings of any nature may be placed in cremain areas.
  • Monuments or markers shall not exceed 48 inches in height, and must be set upon masonry or concrete foundations, not to exceed 24 inches wide, and not less than four inches thick.  Such foundation shall not exceed four feet six inches in length on a single lot and eight feet long on a double lot with the foundation being ground level.  Such foundation shall extend not less than three inches beyond the outer boundary of the base of the monument.  No foot stones are allowed unless they are set flush with the ground.  Flower vases separate from head stones must be set at the end of the foundation, leaving sufficient concrete margin for maintenance of grass.
  • Any person, firm or corporation placing grave stones or markers in the cemetery shall first obtain a satisfactory performance bond in the amount of $5,000.00 guaranteeing that all work is in compliance with city policies, ordinances and directives.