2023 Tire Amnesty

The City of Alliance is excited to announce our acceptance of the NDEE (Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy) Tire Amnesty Grant again this year! This grant funding allows us to partner with Keep Alliance Beautiful and Nebraska Department of Roads to provide Box Butte County residents the ability to recycle tires free of charge. 

Since we met our limit so quickly last year, we will be allowing drop-offs according to the schedule below. 

  • 2-axle vehicles only - March 31st - April 7th 
  • 4-axle vehicles only - April 7th - April 14th 
  • Open to all - April 14th - April 21st 

This years event will be held at the City of Alliance Landfill, located at 1441 Kansas Street from Friday, March 31st - Friday, April 21st. Hours of operation will be Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm, Saturday, 8:00am - 3:00pm, Closed Sunday. 

This years event is limited to Box Butte County residents only. There will be no charge for tires for the public during this time. No tires will be accepted from participants who have accepted fees to accumulate tires. Tires must be removed from their rims before being accepted. Amnesty will be discontinued after our qualified limit has been reached. 

We were fortunate to receive an increased amount of funding this year, allowing us to collect a an estimated 800 tons vs the 500 tons were were able to collect last year. 

For more information about this event, please contact the Landfill at (308) 762-2705. 

Where do the tires go?

Resource Management CO., INC. recycles any tires that are able to be utilized for available markets including feed bunks, sidewall rings for silage cover weights, pyrolysis feedstock and Alternate Daily Cover for landfills. Tires that cannot be recycled are processed and disposed of at a permitted site in either Brownell, KS or Julesburg, CO.