APD Community Partnership Program Initiative "Beat"

The Alliance Police Department is embarking on a new initiative to enhance our customer service. This is an Excellent opportunity for APD to connect with our community members on a new, personal level. What to expect: Alliance Police Officers will initiate contact with community members in their assigned "Beat" (more information below) to identify citizen concerns and take proactive measures to address crime patterns in the area.

Beat Districts

 Beat 1 Lakefield - Marco Vera Chavez #120 & K9 Zeus  Email MarcoVERA CHAVEZ MARCO-0007

Marco and Zeus


Beat 2 Laing - David LaDuke #118 Email David


Beat 3 Grove - Charlana Hjersman #119 Email Charlana

SHERLOCK TYLER-0028Beat 4 Dakota
- Tyler Sherlock #107 Email Tyler

CAMPBELL DANI-0004Beat 5 Hudson - Dani Campbell #112 Email Dani

MCCLAUGHLIN SETH-0018Beat 6 Buffalo - Seth McLaughlin #108 Email Seth

RODRIGUEZ ENRIQUE-0009Beat 7 Emerson - Enrique Rodriguez #109 Email Enrique

Beat 8 Downtown - Aly Dusatko #115 Email AlyDUSATKO ALI-0016

YOKUM STEFAN-0023Beat 9 Grand - Stefan Yocum #113 Email Stefan


Beat 10 Elkhorn - Reina Muniz #104 Email Reina  MUNIZ REINNA-0009

NORRIS JOSH-0008Beat 11 South - Joshua Norris #103 Email Josh 

*Photos courtesy of Just Shoot Me Photographics