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Dissemination Process
Car Seat Dissemination Process
The following are the steps involved in properly disseminating car seats:
  1. Members of the public will be referred to car seat technicians to schedule a fitting, or for specific questions regarding CPS. A donation according to the sliding fee scale or cost of car seat will be requested from the parent for all car seats provided through the Alliance Volunteer Fire Department.
  2. Fittings for car seats should be scheduled in advance, if possible. Fittings will be scheduled on a first-come basis and depends on the availability of a trained technician. The on-duty shift firefighter EMTs first priority is to handle emergency and fire calls as they are received. A car seat fitting may have to be delayed depending on this availability.
  3. Trained staff may give instructions, guidance, and a hands-on demonstration on proper child placement in a child safety seat and correct installation in an automobile. A Child Safety Seat Release Form will be completed and signed by all parties prior to beginning a car seat fitting.
  4. The parent will place the child in child safety seat and install the child safety seat in the automobile properly before they leave the fitting station. The parent receiving a new or replacement car seat will be asked for a donation according to the sliding fee scale, or to cover the cost of the car seat. This will help the program to be adequately funded on a continuing basis in order to help others.
  5. The Technician will document all instructions, adjustments, and educational materials given on the Child Safety Seat Inspection form, and enter data into the computer database. The information will be forwarded to the Nebraska Highway Safety Department by the tenth of each month.